2 channel AD / DAMADA-2

The Forssell Technologies MADA-2 is an extremely high quality, bear-bones, two channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) housed in a 1U rack mount enclosure. The MADA-2 is designed for the most demanding applications, where capturing musical performances with accuracy and honesty is required.

Design Services

Forssell Technologies also believes that there is great value in helping other manufactures and builders of equipment  produce better equipment.

We provide design services, product evaluation, testing, and design white papers and schematics, we also sell some of our building-block JFET circuits to help with this process.

Forssell Technologies designs and products that are intended to help obtain a recorded or reproduce sound that is true to the instrument being recorded without adding any sound qualities of their own.  We believe that our products should simply provide the required functions and features without creating a “sound” or  “effect” of their own.  Many so called “accurate” products produce a highly “etched” or high contrast sound that tends to come out of the speakers toward the listener in an aggressive way.  This is not the way most instruments sound when you listen to them acoustically and it is not  the way we want them to sound when we listen to them in a playback system.

Our products are designed to produce a large open and three dimensional sound-stage where the instrument can sit in a natural fashion. Many musicians work very hard at getting the right sound from their instruments and our equipment is designed capture that sound without altering or adding to it.

Designed Products for Other Manufacturers

(Products designed all or in part by Fred Forssell)

  • Audio Engineering Associates (AEA)
    • TRP Ribbon Mic Preamp
    • RPQ Rack Mount Mic Preamp
    • A440 Active Ribbon Mic (active circuitry with transformer only)
    • A840 Active Ribbon Mic (active circuitry with transformer only)
  • Anthony DeMaria Labs (ADL)
    • ADL-200G/300G Direct Box
    • ADL-600 Mic Preamp
  • Manley Labs
    • Wave Preamp (D-A only, not the tube section)
    • Reference DAC (digital board)
    • Delta-Sigma DAC (digital board)
  • Millennia Media
    • M-2a
    • M-2b
    • NSEQ-1
    • NSEQ-2
    • TCL-2
    • STT-1 (not solid-state preamp or transformer in this box)
    • MM-99 and FSA-01 Discrete Opamps
  • Grace Designs
    • M103 - EQ, Compressor, and Output stages only
    • M102 and M502 - Opto Compressor and Side Chain
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