2 channel AD / DAMADA-2

The Forssell Technologies MADA-2 is an extremely high quality, bear-bones, two channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) housed in a 1U rack mount enclosure. The MADA-2 is designed for the most demanding applications, where capturing musical performances with accuracy and honesty is required.

How-to Guide

The design discussion papers listed below cover the details concepts involved in designing audio equipment. They are available here with the intent of helping interested readers in the process of learning how to design such equipment or to provide alternative design approaches to experienced designers.

Summing Buss Design A Short Discussion
LF Phase Test Schematic and performance graph for listening to LF Static Phase shift.
First Generation JFET Opamp This discussion paper is not complete, but will be updated soon.
Evolution of an EQ Design Discussion of the design of a single amplifier EQ with filter sections.
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